Trump Refuses to Shake Hands with Angela Merkel – Throwing Tantrum(p)s

Apparently, a petty, selfish, small, egotistical, narcissistic man, given to tantrums, now has the powers of POTUS in his hands and is bent on wielding them according to his personal whims and caprices. Already, his tantrums on twitter and statements elsewhere are shameful, belittling and unworthy enough of a POTUS then now, this public disrespect of an elected, very capable, President of a prominent entity, Germany. It appears that this man, Trump, can’t seem to understand that his personal interests, pet peeves, insensibilities, grievances etc are just that; personal to him. His personality is not America’s. That he does not, personally, like Angela Merkel should have nothing to do with America’s business with Germany and Germans, and so with any other nation for that matter. He doesn’t mind attracting insults to himself but he should keep America out of it. Are there any more vile depths that tantrum(p)ic Trump will not plumb?

The American President seems to be bent on a mission to turn allies into enemies. An alliance divided against itself can’t stand. It is obvious who this will serve the most: Russia. Is there more to the allegations of Russian fingers in the pie? Tantrumps will tell.

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