Abortion = Masturbation?! Smh.

It’s ok to have opposing arguments in any matter even that as grave as whether Abortions are immoral/inhumane or not. I have my own opinions and advice on the matter too and will sum those up as: ‘do everything possible to avoid an abortion and never abort in the late term’. I do not stand in condemnation of anyone who has or who plans to abort, but I don’t think it should be trivialised. So, when Jessica Farrar, a Democrat from Texas, is reported, by Jon Sharman of the Independent Us, to have proposed a ‘Man’s Right to Know Act’ that would sanction masturbation by men, in an apparent protest against existing laws in Texas that seem to discriminate against women, I think she’s trivialising the issues even if it’s just an act of protest. How can one equate Masturbation with Abortion?! Masturbation is sexual in nature and leads to the ejaculation of sperm; is she trying to say that the ejaculation of living sperm is akin to an Abortion? Foetuses are babies in the making but spermatozoa will never be anything more than just that, for obvious reasons. Male masturbation, with ejaculation, is more akin to menstruation and the expulsion of unfertilised eggs in females than to the termination of the life of a growing foetus.

She, Jessica Farrar, admits that people would find her proposition funny, but I think most will think it ineffectual and belittling of the very serious issues at stake.

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