Happy Valentine’s Day! – Let’s own it

Happy Val’s day. It’s that time again to effusively manifest love to all, though, we usually prefer to reserve that towards our better halves or whichever heart our cupid’s arrow may have pierced. In Kaduna and Abuja, and other major cities in Nigeria and around the world, today makes for frenetic, cicada-esque, love rites and rituals; here for just a few hours and gone for another year. All the hallowed temples of orgiastic festivity will be alive tonight with music, comedy and drama.

It will also be a time for the more ecumenical to preach the utopian unity of man across cross races, tribes, cultures, religions and continents. Will this ever be or are we forever doomed to internecine cycles of war and pestilence? Is this an inexorable and inextricable artefact of living? These question, though, will be left to another day while celebrations yet last.

The pious will also converge at centres of worship for a more celibate festivity in the search for higher meanings of the miracle of love.

In all these, many of the celebrants all over the world would be appropriating St. Valentine’s Day’s icons, images and meanings from, which come from an alien, western cum Christian culture. They will give them their own twists and interpretations,  such that, at the end of it all, they make it their very own.

Valentine’s day is truly a world-culture even for those rail against its origins and who will accuse its celebrants of cupidian wantonness: By their very objection, they also own it.

Let’s make every excuse to celebrate love. If the 14th day of February is it, then so be it.

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