Witches, Wizards and the Rise of the Voodoo Pastors

Fear is a potent motivator, for bad or for good. Dogs and other sensitive animals can smell the fear in others and are then encouraged to give pursuit. Voodoo Pastors are now empowered by our people to encourage evil to give chase through fear even when our faith(s) profess superiority over the so-called powers of darkness. These voodoo Pastors are savvy operators and know that to be free means that you won’t need their suspicious ministrations anymore and, of course, your tithe will go somewhere else too. So, they crank up the fear factor and keep you captive, if you are the gullible kind, then every pore in your body will exude the smell of fear and so that the witches and wizards can smell your vulnerability and then give pursuit.

It’s saddening how gullible, foolish and bereft of Godly wisdom we are: If the devil and his agents are more powerful and threatening than the God you serve why then should you serve that God and become an ever fleeing and pursued prey of the devil? Wouldn’t it be better for you to declare fealty to the devil and be done with demoralising fear, and be done with seeking solutions to non-existent threats from prayer-house to prayer-house, from juju-man to juju man?

Our people, and especially the poor, spend fortunes on anti-fear spiritual prescriptions. They engage in rites and rituals from the absurd to the taboo: A woman in our church was convinced by a voodoo pastor that her husband was already dead even though alive and that she should, therefore, begin mourning and dress only in black. She obeyed without a second thought. This was after the same voodoo pastor caused her to withdraw her daughter from an operating theatre with tears and such a dramatic perfromance worthy of a Nigerian movie scene; she believed that her daughter was not sick but that ‘na do dem de do am’, that is, her sickness, appendicitis, was due to spiritual attacks by her uncles and didn’t require an operation, just fervent prayer and fasting. The girl was withdrawn from theatre, much to the disgust of the doctors. The voodoo pastor then went on to prescribe prayers and stomping on the poor girl’s stomach; the infected appendix ruptured and she died a very painful death. Needless to say, it took the intervention of church’s elders to prevent her precipitous exit from that marriage. However, this woman hadn’t given up yet: about a year after, she planned to travel home and went to consult the same voodoo Pastor as to whether to travel or not and which route to follow. She would meet a ghastly motor accident on the way where her brother, the driver, died on the spot. She suffered such horrible injuries to her head and hands that her children were prayed for her death. She would eventually recover, in body and spirit, and seems to have foresworn voodoo pastors for now.

Some say that these voodoo pastors plant evil in people’s home, something traumatic, like a child’s death, to convince them that they are under a spiritual attack. This kind of a traumatic event will naturally make one much more vulnerable to voodoo solutions in a bid to prevent future heartache with usually the same unpalatable end.

More coming up on this topic in subsequent blogs. For now, BEWARE. Send in your comments and opinions let’s explore the nature of this epidemic together.

Image from Creative Commons – Pixabay

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