Nigerians Love Fake News

We have become an amebo nation. We just love fake news especially if it maligns those people, companies or governments that we don’t like. There’s so much fake news about Obama, for example: He’s gay, he’s an Islamic terrorist in disguise etc. The fervent consumers of fake news practically chew the news, ruminate and regurgitate for re-consumption in increasingly flowery versions for theirs and their captive audience’s re-enjoyment. Donald Trump, Buhari, the Nigerian President and so many personalities, too numerous to count, are the favoured subjects of the malicious fake news publishers and their gluttonous consumers.

On the other hand, too, many personalities have been known to have sown fake news that was favourable to their images: That G-class Benz that was never bought but was proudly showcased on Instagram; That new house that was bought but never owned, those borrowed Gucci Shoes and Louis Vuitton accoutrements that are pretend owned. Some even go as far owning private jets in their wake-dreams!

There was the age of enlightenment, the Machine age, have we finally reached the age of appearance over substance?

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