Of Traditional Chiefs and Government Appointed Chiefs – Benue State Notice No. 42 of 20th October, 2016, Vol. 4, section 18 on Appointment of First Class Chiefs

I don’t understand what the law intends to achieve and I have more questions than I have seen answers for. What I know is that most tribes in Nigeria have traditional institutions that decide on who qualifies as a chief and at what rank. I also know that anyone appointed by any force outside the traditional institution will not have legitimacy in traditional matters. So, what exactly is the purpose of this new law? What socio-political or economic purpose is it meant to serve other than to increase the state’s payroll burden? What could result instead is social disharmony and we have more than enough of that already. Wherever I go and whoever I ask no one seems to understand the methodology and mechansism for the selection of the proposed ‘First Class Chiefs’ or how that would co-exist, integrate with the existing Traditional institutions. The State Government owes her people an explanation and a clarification.

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