Xmas is Here o My People

Xmas has become part of many cultures and is celebrated in some form, mostly commercial, even in places where Christianity is minority religion, like China. It is customary to give gifts during the Yuletide and hampers have overtaken greeting cards as the gifts of choice, especially, in formal circles. The economic downturn is biting hard and those hampers may have become too expensive but, what is the alternative? I would suggest culturally themed gifts such as local, Xmas themed decorative items. Zobo in craft bottle. Palm wine in vodka styled bottles. Out of season fruits etc. or just plain, old Naira in perfumed envelope (Lol). Hard choices in hard times.

iD will make it easier for you in future. We aim to innovate in translating cultural imports into local, culture themed equivalents. We shall invest in online iD shops, which will sell creative fashion (clothes, footwear and accessories), interior decor materials and craft. Watch out for humble beginnings in the middle of 2017. Stay Tuned.

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