iD – the Identity Blog

Where do you come from? What are your antecedents? Who are you? Who do you want to be? What’s your Worldview? How do you fit in the mix of identities? What do you wear (eat, drink, drive etc.) and what does it say about you? What’s your preferred self-image? How do you govern yourself? How do you prefer to be governed or lead? I could ask a thousand more questions about the ‘Self’ and our sense of it. It is that important: The ‘Self’ is the living script to the parts that we play in every sphere of social interaction. It’s the prism through which we see the world. It colors, twists, bends and shapes our perceptions. It’ is both a given and work in progress: Given, according to our genes and how they pre-dispose our senses to perceive and our brains to analyse, interpret and initiate actions. A work in progress, because we continuously learn, filter stimuli, adapt, adjust and build memories and decision schema. Culture is a strong influence in shaping those evolving outcomes. Eventually, both the given and the personality under construction ultimately compose the unique iD, the Self, as individuals and as cultural personalities.

iDomanation is a ‘Charity begins at home’: The originators of this blog being Idomas and recognizing the ‘iD’ in iDoma, saw it as starting point, a launching pad to a blog about cultural and urban iDs, in a way that focuses on individuality, but which remains bound by the collectivity of cultures and the supervening iD of each as a unique nation.

Here, our origins, what we celebrate, how we celebrate, how we live, our needs, desires, wants, and dreams, our cuisine, couture, music and our colors will find due voice and expression. iDomanation is the playground of identities.

iD yourself.

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