Why Adsensis?

I’m Godwin Owoicho Ugbabe, a man of many parts: musician/multi-instrumentalist, Quantity Surveyor, Geek, Marketer. But it’s first about marketing (love this and all other things shall be added unto you); this is what we all do whether we know it or not. It’s the reason why we are all on social-media where we display, communicate, promote ourselves socially and sell (in the broad sense) and earn money or some other form of personal satisfaction. Adsensis ‘adds sense’ to it all and also allows Advertisers to make sense from the viewpoint of consumers. Adsensis brings a Nigerian viewpoint into the conversation and looks at the wider world through that prism, again, in order to make sense of where we are, what we are, why we are what we are, where we are going , what is available and what we really need, and desire, in the marketplace that is more in our minds than in a geographic space. Adsensis will also be about seeing old things in a new way. You will also be entertained with the latest Naija and related gists from all over the waorld.

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