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Welcome to Adsensis. We can begin to make sense right away, now that we are here. Together we can make sense out of the continuous barrage of information that bombard our sensis (sorry, I mean senses. Lol.) and see through to those Brands and Products that make sense and add value to our lives. Remember that Brands could be Countries, Governments, Political Parties, Agencies, Personalities, Companies and Organisations or any entity that produces a good or service for consumption. Products will include services and physical goods or anything that can be exchanged for value or money, or a vote, a like or heart social media speak.

This blog will also showcase, promote and sell brands and products that are identified ‘Sense Makers’.

The Naija perspective will be alive and well here,  and of course jazzed up with a little pidgin English now and then, and we should be well entertained along the line.

Your comments will always be welcome.

Let’s make sense together.

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